4 Ways to Fix Weak Air Conditioning and Heating Air Flow

4 Ways to Fix Weak Air Conditioning and Heating Air Flow

Many of us truly value having air conditioning and heating in our homes. There’s nothing like the comfort that temperature regulation can offer us, and our heating and cooling systems are an important part of creating a relaxed home environment. But what if the air flow in your heating, air conditioning or HVAC system is weak? If you barely feel the temperature difference even though your system is on the highest setting, you may realize that the air flow is just not strong enough. If this is the case, it’s important to investigate why your system might not be working as well as it should be, in order to avoid wasting energy and to make sure you get the heating and cooling solution you need.

Duct Relocation

There’s a good chance that you’re not feeling the effects of your air condition or heating in certain rooms of your house due to incorrect duct positioning. This is even more likely if you have conducted remodeling on your home which involved knocking down or building walls, because as the shape of rooms change, the air-conditioning and heating ducts need to change too.

Duct relocation can be done by your local HVAC professional, to ensure that you are able to efficiently and effectively maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in your home.

Changing Air Filters

Another reason why the air flow in your air conditioning or heating system might be weak is that your air filters may be clogged with dust and debris, preventing sufficient flow of air through the vents. If this is the case, a thorough cleaning of your air filters, or in some cases complete duct cleaning should solve the problem.

For some air conditioners and furnaces, changing or cleaning the filters could be easy enough to complete yourself. But if you aren’t sure exactly how to do it, or you know your cleaning issue is big and will require the assistance of a professional, call in your local air conditioning services for the job.

Resize Air Ducts

Air flow from your HVAC system may be weak because your air ducts are too small to allow a sufficient amount of air through. This may be another cause of insufficient air flow in homes that have recently been remodeled as room sizes may have increased.

Your HVAC contractor can quickly and efficiently evaluate the size of your air ducts and decide whether the size is sufficient for your needs. If not, installing new ductwork can help to drastically improve the airflow throughout your home and produce a better interior temperature.

Seal Leaking Ducts and Open Dampers

In some cases, air flow can be lost through leaking ducts, or it may simply be that your dampers are not open. In the case of the closed dampers, you should be able to inspect and see for yourself if they are closed. Opening them is the simple solution that will restore your airflow.

For leaking ducts, the solution is more complicated as you will need to pinpoint the leak and repair the duct. An HVAC professional is the best person for the job, as they can most accurately diagnose and provide duct repair services to restore full air flow. The best method for this is using a technology called Aeroseal, which you can learn more about here.

While insufficient air flow can be frustrating to deal with, looking at these common causes for a start can help to identify some initial steps towards restoring air flow for a more comfortable temperature in your home.

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