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6 Tips For Choosing an Electrical Contractor

Choosing the right electrical contractor to do work at your home or business can be a daunting task, particularly if you’ve never worked with a contractor before. An electrician may be necessary when you are working on the electricity for a remodel, repairing or installing a heating, air conditioning or HVAC system, or when you are simply in need of professional electrical services. Here we look at 6 tips on how to choose an electrical contractor to work with – from where to find electricians, to asking the right questions and selecting the right electrician for you.

  1. Define What You Need

Before you even begin looking for or contacting electrical contractors, you need to clearly define what work you need done, and the nature and terms of your project. Calling an electrical contractor to come in for a few service calls is quite different to enlisting the services of an electrician to work on a larger project such as a remodel or home addition. Knowing what you’re looking for from the beginning helps in your search for the right contractor for your needs.

  1. Search For an Electrical Contractor

Do you know anyone who has recently had electrical work done? Know anybody in the construction industry who might have recommendations? Word of mouth and recommendations are still one of the best ways to find a great electrical contractor to work with. But if you don’t have any leads, the next best technique is to conduct an online search in your area for local electrical contractors, such as Livermore electrical contractors and use testimonials and reviews to find a contractor you trust.

  1. Check References

Once you’ve conducted your initial search, you can ask contractors for references from their previous work, in order to better gauge what it is like to work with them. Although some contractors may not have a list of reviews or testimonials on hand, experienced contractors should be willing and able to provide references when requested.

  1. Check Licenses and Insurance

Of course, for the safety of your home and its occupants, it’s worthwhile asking for and checking an electrical contractors license and insurance information. Although it’s rare, if something unexpected were to happen, you want to ensure you’re covered in the case of any damage or injury.

  1. Get Free Estimates

Most electrical contractors will provide free estimates which is a great way to know in advance what you might be up for in terms of costs for your project, as well as allowing you to get to know your potential contractor better. While cheaper does not necessarily mean better, getting a range of quotes can help you establish what is reasonable while also exposing you to a range of professionals in the electrical industry.

  1. Get the Proposal in Writing

Once you have chosen the electrical contractor you will work with, it’s time to write down the details of the proposal for your records, to ensure all the necessary details are included and that it accurately reflects your needs and goals for your project.

While choosing an electrical contractor can seem daunting, with these tips you can ask the right questions and take the right steps to choose the best electrical contractor for your needs.

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