7 Key Benefits of Having Air Conditioning in your Home

7 Key Benefits of Having Air Conditioning in your Home

While many of us take the heating systems in our home for granted during the colder months, we often don’t think of the temperature highs that will hit us when summer comes around. When the sun comes out and the warm weather begins, many of us are left wishing we had contacted our air conditioning contractor sooner! But what are the real benefits of having air conditioning in your home, and is it worth it? Here we take a closer look at 7 key benefits of having air conditioning in your home, and how it can improve your comfort, health and wellbeing.

  1. Temperature Control For Comfort and Performance

It’s a proven fact that cooler temperatures are more conducive to optimum mental and physical performance, whether you’re working on an important project or just trying to get the housework done. Very hot summer days leave the elderly and children at risk of heat exhaustion, and the best way to prevent this is with air conditioning. Not to mention, humans find cool temperatures around 65 degrees the most comfortable for getting to sleep. With a quiet air conditioning unit to cool your air on hot summer nights, you can enjoy much more peaceful and refreshing sleep.

  1. Better Air Quality

Air conditioning filters and purifies the air in your home while it works, removing harmful pollutants and allergens such as bacteria, dust, house mites, pet fur and pollen. This can help to relieve symptoms in those with allergies, and makes breathing easier and healthier for everyone.

  1. Reduced Humidity

Excess humidity in the home leads to that uncomfortable ‘sticky’ feeling and provides the perfect conditions for harmful fungus and mold growth. AC units help to extract excess moisture in the air for a more comfortable and safe home environment.

  1. Noise Reduction

Trying to cool a home without air conditioning means opening every window and door in the house to try to catch a breeze. But this also leaves you open to receiving outside noises from traffic, neighbors and other external noise pollution. On the other hand, modern air conditioners are surprisingly quiet, with ducted and ductless systems being quieter than smaller indoor units like portable air conditioners.

  1. Improved Security

Having air conditioning in your home and keeping your windows and doors securely shut also helps to preserve your homes safety and security.

  1. Reduces Pest Insects

Keeping doors and windows closed with the air conditioner on prevents flies, mosquitoes, bugs and other pest insects gaining unwanted access to your home.

  1. Protects Health

Having air conditioning in your home protects your health and wellbeing because it keeps the air in your home clean, dry and cool. Allergens, impurities and excess moisture are removed from the air, and a constant cool temperature helps you to feel physically comfortable and can also boost intellect and mental capacity!

We love warm and sunny summer days for the outdoors, but when it comes to staying comfortable and healthy indoors, the benefits of air conditioning help to keep you home cool, safe and quiet.

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