managing your hvac during a remodel

The Essential Guide to Managing Your HVAC System During A Remodel


Remodeling your home can be both an exciting and stressful time. While you look forward to unveiling your new space and enjoying everything your planned for and worked towards, there are also many details to take into account. One of these is how to protect and manage your HVAC system both during and after a remodel. Remodels can create a lot of airborne dust and particulate matter that can clog HVAC ducts, whereas changes in room size and wall location in your remodel may require duct relocation. Here we look at all the aspects of remodeling around your HVAC system you need to take into account.

Plan Ahead

Remodeling a home requires no end of planning, and your HVAC system and ductwork are no exception. Sometimes remodeling requires ductwork relocation or vent relocation, and this should be discussed with your remodel contractor or HVAC professional ahead of time. While your home is being worked on, your HVAC professional can come and relocate your ductwork as necessary to ensure minimal interference in your remodel, and to ensure that all the rooms in your new space will be adequately heated or cooled.

Switch Off Your HVAC

During the remodel process, it’s advised that you switch off your HVAC system, simply to avoid dusty air being run through the system and the ductwork. Close off registers and vents in the area where the work is being done in order to prevent airborne dust lodging in the vents or being sucked in, particularly if you plan to still run your system at any point during the remodel. However, ensure that you don’t close off too many vents at one time. If you’re not sure, call in your HVAC professional to have a look and help you devise a plan to protect your HVAC system during your remodel.

Control Dust

Dust and airborne particulate matter is one of the major enemies to your HVAC system during a remodel. Consult with your contractor to see if you can implement dust control systems, and do as much messy prep work such as sanding and cutting outside or away from vents. Plastic tarps in the main work area can help isolate the dust from spreading around the house.

Clean Regularly

Although there will be a lot happening during your remodel, one of the tasks you want to stay on top of is duct cleaning. If you find you can’t keep up with keeping the ducts clean, have an HVAC professional pay a few visits to ensure your ducts stay clear and you avoid problems down the track.

Maintain Check Ups

An HVAC system checkup with an HVAC professional both before and after your remodel can help keep your HVAC system functioning, and protect its longevity. Your HVAC professional can inspect your blower, ductwork and indoor coil after your remodel to ensure no dust and debris has built up. Thorough duct cleaning can also be undertaken at this final stage to ensure no dust still remains in the system, and a duct inspection can confirm that there is no damage or need for duct repair or duct relocation.

With these tips, you can ensure you protect your investment and maintain the use of your HVAC system before, during and after your home remodel.

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