Indoor Air Quality

Do you have any unusual or unwanted odors in your home? Does your home smell musty? This may be an issue with your indoor air quality. There are many factors that can be affecting this.

Duct leakage may be causing your indoor air quality problems. A good transmission gets power to all the wheels of a car. Just like a good air duct system gets air to all the rooms of your home or building. In Residential buildings, the problem with leaky ductwork is that air can not only leak out of you HVAC system and air ducts, untreated and unclean air and contaminants from the crawlspaces, attic and other place can actually be pulled in to the air you and your family breath. Since so many air duct systems leak and pull bad air in (we find 20 to 40% leakage in 3 out of 4 homes we visit), poor air quality is a problem that many homes have.

There are so many questions that you could ask your self and investigate, but it can get quite frustrating. Let the professional technicians at BACH Enterprises help you with this. Give us a call or fill out the form below!

Questions you may ask your self:

Have you had any new construction happen in your home?

Have you moved anything new into the home?

Do you have a crawl space under your home? If so, have you looked under there to see if there is anything there that maybe leading to the issue?

How about your attic?

Your duct work?

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