Duct Armor

Duct Armor is a patented duct restoration service that is non-invasive and eliminates the need to change out all of your ducts. The whole process can be done in a few hours and can be done while you are still home. You will be able to run your heating or air conditioning immediately when we finish.

Duct Armor is a proprietary water based latex material that contains zinc. This material will inhibit any growth of mold or bacteria. The material is classified as a non-hazmat material. What this means is that it is so safe that it can be shipped. Because it does not contain any harmful chemicals, it does not require an EPA Register Number.

We are a Certified Duct Armor Dealer, which means that we have been rigorously trained on how to install this product properly. This is important, because if the company does not know what they are doing, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home.
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Duct Armor - Protect your family's air quality

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Duct Armor