saving money on your HVAC whil keeping your home clean

The One Factor That Can Help You Achieve Cleaner Air, Greater Efficiency and Energy Savings For Your HVAC System

Some of the most frequent issues that homeowners encounter with their HVAC system include poor air quality caused by unclean ducts, decreased efficiency, and increased energy costs in relation to the running of heating or air conditioner systems. While duct cleaning can help to maintain clearer ducts and better air quality, further investigation from a HVAC technician is often required to pinpoint the cause of poor efficiency and rising utility costs. In many cases, duct leaks can be to blame for all 3 of these common HVAC issues, and sealing duct leaks can provide the ideal solution for cleaner and more efficient HVAC function.

airborne dustEffects of Duct Leaks

Everyone knows that for the best performance and highest efficiency from your HVAC system, it’s necessary to have properly sealed and maintained HVAC ducts. However, duct leaks in your HVAC system can compromise your HVAC system’s performance while increasing your heating and cooling costs, meaning you get worse performance while spending even more to run your system. Duct leaks can cause the infiltration of dust, dirt and other debris into your air supply, and cause the loss of your heated or cooled air so your system must work harder to compensate. Although duct leaks are usually out of sight and impossible for a homeowner to detect, a skyrocketing utility bill and poor heating or cooling efficiency from your system can be telltales signs of HVAC duct leaks.

How To Correct Duct Leaks

HVAC duct leaks have traditionally been difficult to identify, diagnose and repair. Duct repair and duct sealing by hand are complicated and often expensive processes that involve work in the roof, walls and attic, and sometimes not all leaks can be fixed if certain parts of the duct work are inaccessible. Fortunately, the technology of Aeroseal provides a duct sealing option that is cost effective, easy to implement and produces amazing results in improving HVAC efficiency.

Benefits of Aeroseal

Because Aeroseal fixes duct leaks from the inside out, this patented technology is capable of fixing and sealing duct leaks in any part of your duct system. Aeroseal puts air that is escaping through leaks in your ducts under pressure, and uses a special polymer that is attracted to the edges of the leak to automatically identify and seal even the smallest and most difficult to find leaks in your HVAC system. This incredible technology helps to seal all the leaks in your HVAC ducts to provide greater heating and cooling efficiency and prevent the entry of dust and dirt into your ducts.

Aeroseal - Sealing from the insideAeroseal produces amazing results in both residential and commercial settings, saving the 20-40% of air-conditioned air that usually escapes through duct leaks. This can help to balance out heating and cooling and maintain comfort throughout your home, reduce dust and allergens in your air supply and provide dramatic savings on your heating and cooling bill. Aeroseal in commercial settings helps to ensure even air flow throughout your entire building, along with improved moisture management to prevent mold and mildew and outstanding reductions in utility bills.

Aeroseal provides one of the most impressive and efficient solutions for targeted duct repair in the hardest to reach places of your ductwork. Recognized for its incredible technology by science industry leaders like Popular Science Magazine and the U.S Department of Energy, Aeroseal helps to save hundreds or even thousands on your HVAC running costs, while improving performance. Your local HVAC technician can assess the condition and efficiency of your HVAC ducts and provide Aeroseal duct repair for a high efficiency, lower cost and leak-free HVAC system.

Aeroseal is best suited to sealing small leaks in your HVAC ducts and will not seal large holes. It is best to speak to an Aeroseal professional in your area to find out if Aeroseal is the right option for you. If you are in the East Bay, call BACH Enterprises for your Aeroseal and duct cleaning needs!

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